I'm very pleased with service and the friendliness of the people that work there, they are very knowledgeable and courteous!
$29.95 Oil Change Bundle
Oil and Filter Change, Fluid Quality Check, Free Vacation Check-Up. Includes ip to 5 qts. of semi-synthetic motor oil. Most cars / light trucks. Some vehicles extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. For a limited time only. ... [more...]
Inspect vehicle's steering/suspension. Check tire condition and air pressure. Adjust camber, caster, and toe angle, if adjustable, to manufacturer specifications. Most cars/light trucks. Cannot combine with any other offer. For a limited time only. ... [more...]
Brake Special
HUGE BRAKE SPECIAL! • 15% for two wheel service or 20% off for four wheel service. • Includes a FREE brake inspection. • Most cars/light trucks. Cannot combine with any other offer. No cash value. Shop supply fees may vary by location. See store details. ... [more...]

Snellville 60,000 Mile Service

Depending on your car, the manufacturer may recommend that the timing belt be changed during the 60,000 mile service appointment. Many service businesses will just automatically change the belt, but at Service Street we know the difference between a service recommendation and a service requirement. That can make a big difference to you in how much your 60,000 mile service costs.

As part of our 60,000 mile service, one of the Service Street technicians will inspect and test all of the parts highlighted by the manufacturer as potentially needing replacement. A service technician can measure the wear on your belts and tell you if you can wait until the 75,000 mark or if there is a real need for an immediate replacement. We respect you as a customer and want to build a relationship with you more than we want to make a fast buck by selling you a part you don’t need. In Snellville, Service Street has a reputation for integrity and our customer loyalty ratings are high.

Get exactly what you need for your 60,000 mile service and be confident that your car is in the best condition it can be. Call and make an appointment with one of our friendly service staff members. We have appointments that will work with your schedule and are conveniently located. Don’t skip this service milestone, get it done and get it done right.