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Snellville 90,000 Mile Service

The 90,000 mile service check is often considered the “cross-over” check in a car’s service life. This is the point at which major components of the engine and drive train may show wear that requires replacement. If the parts are not replaced, they can lead to total engine failure before the next 5,000 miles have passed. At Service Street, we know that to do a 90,000 mile service check right, we have to consider the use of the car as well. If you have driven 90,000 miles over 25 years with the car, you have not placed the car systems under stress. If you have hit 90,000 in under 10 years, the Service Street technicians know they have to look for the stress points everywhere.

One of the hardest aspects of getting good 90,000 mile service is when you are bringing in a car as the 2nd or 3rd owner. This means that you do not know what type of stress the car has been put under. It can get easier if the car was bought and driven in the Snellville area only, because you know the type of driving it experienced. If the car was out of state for part of its driving life, you have no idea if 10,000 of those miles were accumulated in the Rockies or on the Florida coast. Each would have its own problems it could cause.

Call and make an appointment today for a 90,000 mile service check that you know you can rely on. Our service technicians will make sure that your car is given a clean bill of health by providing any service, repair or replacement it needs.