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Snellville Check Engine Light Service

At Service Street in Snellville we can read the OBD I and OBD II codes on your car to diagnosis why your check engine light has come on. More importantly, once we know which error code is being reported, our experienced technicians know the options for what caused the error to occur. The check engine light is one of the most important early warning systems you have to prevent costly repairs and it should never be ignored.

When your car is diagnosed at Service Street, we pull the error code from the computer control module to determine what part of the emissions system is malfunctioning. This code will tell the technician where the problem stops, but it takes experience to know where it potentially started. Many customers bring their cars into Service Street after spending time and money trying to fix the error code themselves only to be baffled as to why replacing the sensor that malfunctioned hasn’t corrected the problem. The emissions system and engine systems of your vehicle are so interdependent that most often the emissions failure originates from a problem within the engine. You can replace the sensor all you want, but it won’t turn off the check engine light because the sensor still won’t work.

Call and make an appointment at Service Street as soon as your check engine light turns on, we can save you time and money in finding and fixing what went wrong. We are conveniently located in Snellville and have extended service hours so you can come in when your schedule allows.