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Snellville Synthetic Oil Change

Many car manufacturers are retroactively calling for a synthetic oil change, rather than a conventional one, on earlier models of their vehicles that weren’t issued with synthetic oil from the factory. At Service Street, we can switch your oil from conventional to synthetic easily. It doesn’t involve a major engine flush or any other kind of special service, a synthetic oil change is much like a conventional one even if you are switching oil types.


Depending on the type of fluid used in your synthetic oil change, the Service Street technician may recommend a different type of filter. Unlike conventional oil, which is chosen by its weight and viscosity rating, there is much more involved in selecting the products used in your synthetic oil change. We match the oil to the vehicle, the type of driving that you do and the mileage of the car. Synthetic oils are specially formulated to provide additional cleaning and protection for your engine. If you have a performance engine, then we will use a performance blend that emphasizes heat control to minimize deposits during your synthetic oil change. For standard performance cars, the choices range from a synthetic blend to full synthetic oil with cleaners, lubricants and anti-acid additives.


Make an appointment today at Service Street for a synthetic oil change at our Snellville location. Can help your change from conventional oil easily so you can follow the manufacturer recommendations to extend the life of your car. We offer convenient day and evening hours so you are sure to fit your synthetic oil change into your schedule.