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Snellville Wheel Alignment

When your car shakes while you are steering, it may be the sign of several different things going wrong with your tires or suspension. Shaking most often means that the balance of your tires is off. Tires are made of rubber and there is no known manufacturing process to make them in perfect balance. This is why weights are added to the rims, so the tire will turn properly. If your tires have been unbalanced for a while, chances are you have developed another problem – poor wheel alignment. While unbalanced tires can cause many problems, a poor wheel alignment can cause even more serious problems.


At Service Street, our experienced mechanics know to check out the most common associated problems when a car is brought in for repair. A car with unbalanced tires should also have its wheel alignment checked. Poor wheel alignment can emphasize the imbalance in the tire weights and cause even greater tire wear. Another condition poor wheel alignment will create is a loss in fuel economy. While direct tire issues can be felt through a shaking steering wheel, you will first feel a poor wheel alignment at the pump. If your fuel economy recently got worse, bring your car into our Snellville location to have the wheel alignment checked.


Call and make an appointment at Service Street today to have your wheel alignment checked. Making sure your wheel alignment stays correct is essential to maintaining the condition of your tires. Our Snellville location is conveniently located and we have extended service hours that will make it easy to fit your service appointment into your schedule.