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Repair of Acura Vehicles

At Service Street, we take pride in all of the work that we do. But when a luxury level car, like an Acura, comes in we know that we have to step our game up a bit. Our Acura service team is always ready to bring that extra level of attention to detail that your Acura demands. We have used this strategy time and again with Acura owners in Snellville and it has served us well as we have grown along with the Acura brand.


More and more people are coming to us at Service Street for all of their Acura service, repair and maintenance needs thanks to our understanding of the local Acura community. We know how to get you the car you want in the timeframe you want it in. That’s thanks to how long we have been here in Snellville serving you all! Our goal is to make sure that we can continue serving this community and the only way we know how to do that is by continuing what we’re doing - it has worked for us great so far!


Coming to see us at Service Street for your Acura service needs makes certain that our car is in the hands of experts. Everyone on our Acura service team has had some training and plenty of experience on these cars. Your luxury class car deserves someone working on it who knows what he is doing. Don’t go to just any shop in Snellville and expect great service - come to proven experts such as ourselves at Service Street!