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Repair of Audi Vehicles

We offer specials and discounts on some of your Audi service needs here are Service Street. We do this because we realize that when you are a loyal customer you deserve rewards and that is exactly what we give you. We try to insure that you save as much money as possible and remain happy with the great service that we provide.


Often you will find specials on oil changes or even tire rotations because we know that these are the Audi service needs that you have most often. We also understand that these are critical when it comes to making sure your car remains in great condition. Your tires are important for your safety as well.


While these are some of the great services you can get from us we also take part in repairs such as engine replacements or fuel pumps. On staff are technicians that are Audi service certified. They know the cars thoroughly so that all problems can be quickly diagnosed and fix to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


You can drop your car off for servicing at our Snellville location or you can simple wait for the service to be finished. If you decide to wait you can also take a look at the lot to see what type of car you will be interested in purchasing in future. Some of the most popular we have right now are the Audi Q7 and the RS5 convertible. There are many different models and styles available.