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Repair of Honda Vehicles

Honda produces some of the most well known cars in the world. While the Honda service team here at Service Street may not have the same kind of worldwide brand recognition, we are certainly well known in Snellville amongst the local Honda owning community. Our Honda service experts have kept countless numbers of Honda cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers driving safely on these streets, and they can do the same for your car as well.


Service Street has been one of the preferred Honda service centers in Snellville over the past few years. This didn’t happen overnight or because of our flashy website (though we do love it!), it happened over the years, repair by repair and thanks to the loyalty of our customers. We strive to keep this momentum going and how we will do it is with that same dedication to each individual service, repair or maintenance job that comes to us.


We offer the most high quality and efficient Honda service work here at Service Street. The ongoing training that our staff receive makes sure that they are up to date on the latest developments coming out of the Honda factories, and their past experience ensures that they can handle your older models as well. Come by our shop in Snellville if you would like to enjoy the benefits of all our training and skills! Our support staff are by the phones right now and are ready to find the appointment time that is best for your busy life.