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Repair of Lexus Vehicles

Part of keeping your Lexus performing at its peak is bringing it to Service Street for all your regular and annual Lexus repair needs. Whether you are driving one of the IS, ES, GS or LS sedans or prefer your RX or LX SUV; our Lexus repair experts can help you keep your car in good condition. There are some surprising driving conditions in Snellville that will put stress on your engine and suspension that you wouldn’t expect, but a Service Street Lexus repair tech knows to look for the effect. This is why a part of every Lexus repair and service we do includes a visual inspection of the underneath of your car.

The underneath of your Lexus is rarely seen, except by a Service Street Lexus auto repair technician. The more often we see it, such as for oil changes and brake service, the better we can spot signs of problems when they are just beginning. This is especially important for new owners of the CT Hybrid of RX Hybrid. The Hybrid models give a different ride and you may not recognize the tell-tale signs of a problem like you would in an ES or GS.

Make your appointment for Lexus repair or service at Service Street today. We have a large on-site stock of Lexus OEM and approved parts at our Snellville location so we can get you back on the road fast. Our friendly and professional staff will help you schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you in your schedule.