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Repair of Nissan Vehicles

Keeping you on the road and avoiding costly repair is what Nissan repair at Service Street is all about. We know that you rely on your car to make your life work and you choose the Nissan brand for its affordability, reliability, performance and style. Our job is to make sure that all the recommended Nissan repair and service checkpoints are covered when you come in so your car performs well. Whether you have a new or older model Quest, the new NV Passenger Minivan or are driving a 370Z Roadster, we can provide quality Nissan Service for you.

When you make an appointment for your Nissan Service at Service Street, we will make sure that the service points match the age of your vehicle. The age of your vehicle isn’t measured in years, but miles. If you are coming in for the 30,000 Nissan service check, we will be looking at different aspects of your car than if you are coming in for the 90k Nissan service. During the 90k Nissan service, we check the viability of your timing belt and health of your valve systems. Both of these act to regulate your car’s engine temperature and by the 90k mark, they are beginning to wear out. Depending on the driving you do around Snellville, you may need them replaced sooner rather than later.

To prevent costly repair during the life of your car, make sure to bring it in for regular Nissan repair and service at Service Street in addition to bringing it in for all the major Nissan repair and service checks. Call and make your appointment at Service Street today.