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Repair of Toyota Vehicles

When you need fast and friendly repair performed on your Toyota then come see us right here at Service Street. We are located in the heart of Snellville. It does not matter if your Camry needs new brakes or if your 4 Runner needs new tires, we can handle it all.


If you need an oil change wouldn’t you rather it be done by someone who knows Toyotas inside and out rather than someone who deals with every kind of car in the world? What about when a headlight goes out, or your tires need to be rotated and aligned? We can also handle tune ups, radiator and transmission flushes, cooling and heating system checkups and nearly anything else related to routine maintenance.


That being said, there are times when a Toyota needs a little bit more than just routine maintenance. They need to be taken care of by properly trained and certified Toyota technicians like the ones we have here at Service Street. We can have your baby fixed and back on the road in no time.


Come on down and see us here at Service Street. If you have a problem we can fix it. Your Toyota can be back on the road running like it is new again in no time at all.