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Repair of Volkswagen Vehicles

People who own the Volkswagen Beetle or Beetle Convertible are loyal to the car model and the brand. At Snellville, we know that the reason you drive the car you do is it is an important part of your life. Our VW repair technicians help you to take care of your vehicle so you don’t lose time with this important aspect of your style. More than that, our VW repair technicians know VW and the specifics of each of the models and their expected performance. We can keep your Beetle driving as sharply as you are used to it, just as easily as we can keep your Passat and Touareg performing to your expectations.


The key to good VW repairs is to have it done by someone who follows the manufacturer’s recommendations first. VW knows what to expect from their cars and how their parts will age, this why the VW repair and service checks at Service Street start with the VW recommendations for service first. From there we check for additional wear that may be unique to the Snellville area. The weather and driving conditions your vehicle is exposed to can change how the parts experience wear. A timing belt that may go in Berlin after 90,000 miles may be good for another 10k in Cleveland. Our VW repair techs know how the area will affect your VW.


Call and make an appointment at Service Street in our convenient Snellville location today. We can provide you with all your VW repair needs.